Projects you Should Fund – “Worst. Job. Ever.” by Denny Connolly

Projects you should Fund

Here’s a comic book Kickstarter that really hit home for me this morning, ‘Worst Job Ever’ by Denny Connolly is an excellent example of a relatable story with an intriguing premise. It features awesome Scott Pilgrim-esque style art and an arresting setting that’s going to be so much fun to explore. The story, on its surface, is about a woman that hates her job and has to suffer watching her friends go on to do better things – which is so damn relatable (except that her job is working in a library where occasionally monsters break out of the books.) This project looks great, has a wide appeal, and is a very clearly work of passion. It’s funny, unique, quirky, and quite frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t been funded already!

The story is completely centred around Nemo; a no-nonsense librarian that’s sick of being stuck in her dead-end job and, as I’ve said, watching her friends go on to better things. That’s pretty much all the Kickstarter lets us in on, but from the sample pages available on the campaign page, we can assume some things about where the story might be going. Speculatively, I think the story is going to be about Nemo coming to terms with her current position as a librarian, and realising that she’s exactly where she needs to be and it’s not about moving on but rather accepting where you are — it’s made very clear in the sample pages that the library would fall apart with her, which is a MASSIVE clue to the themes surrounding this tale. Then again though, that’s my personal theory and just something I’d love to see this narrative explore. I guess I’ll have to wait until the comic is fully funded and finished before we’ll really get to see what it’s all about 😉

As a character I think Nemo is highly relevant to a wide audience, especially an older audience that have found themselves in dead-end jobs and want to escape. A story about a dead-end worker isn’t a new trope in comics but I think the setting itself and the amazing premise is what makes this project so refreshing to see. The other characters seem very interesting as well, but potential backers don’t really see much of them in the sample pages or on the campaign page (except for a quick sketch and a name) — which is fine, but it feels like for this project especially, the ancillary characters are going to play a big role in developing Nemo and the narrative itself.

Putting it all together though I’d say this comic is worth investing in, and that’s mostly because I want to see it funded SO BAD! The art style is cartoony and fun and you can certainly see where the inspiration for it comes from, the story feels well-grounded despite having a plot that revolves around monsters cutting loose from popular novels, and the characters feel like real people, if not a little quirky, which really brings them to life against a zany backdrop like this. It’s a project I’d love to see more of, and my only gripe with the project is that it leave me wanting more!

You can find the project on KICKSTARTER by clicking on the link right HERE

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