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Projects you should Fund

It seems like the dream of every person that plays Dungeons & Dragons is to go out and do something with those stories. Whether they write a book about their adventures at the table, record a podcast, keep an online journal, or, star in their very own comic book! Dedren Snead and his Kickstarter campaign for TurnKey does just that, it takes inspiration from the D&D game and brings it to life in an engaging graphic novel; which features incredible artwork that pops off the page with vibrant colours, and a cornucopia of unique characters with fascinating backstories. If you’re a fan of fantasy comics in-particular, or perhaps a D&D enthusiast, I have no doubt that you’ll be able to sink your teeth into this one!

The Kickstarter page reveals quite little about what the story is about though, and it’s yet another project I’ve reviewed with that has a video which is just a showcase for the art. Don’t get me wrong though, the art is wonderful and has the unique qualities you can only find in a talented individual, but I would’ve liked to see more story in the video, and more information on the creators of the project. It’s not just the art I’m interested in with a project like this. From what I’ve gathered though, the story is about a bounty hunter charged with treason and sentenced to become a jailer at a mystical dungeon. The world is about to delve into war, and for some reason, this dungeon is really important in deciding the victor. The plot certainly has intrigue, and it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out, but again the details given are very little and leaves you brimming with questions. Like; Why is the dungeon important? Why does he become a jailer, instead of an inmate? Why is the realm devolving into war?

Despite the little we know about the story, the Kickstarter page does give potential backers a great look in on some truly interesting characters, by giving them some great insights on the page including; backgrounds, personalities, and even what their class and race are for the D&D enthusiasts. Focussing on the main character though, Darrus, his story is clearly one born of intrigue and inner conflict. Darrus is that bounty hunter I mentioned earlier, but he’s been framed of a grave crime against the throne (not sure what) and now he works in the dungeon along those he condemned, on the wrong side of the law he swore to uphold. It’s an interesting character to say the least, with a really engaging motivation – he just wants to clear his name. What an engaging character, someone that feels like they can really drive the plot forward while dealing with his own inner turmoil of what’s right and wrong. AWESOME!

The Kickstarter page also features the first five pages of the graphic novel, which are captivating in their art and enchanting in their dialogue. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into how this world works and looks, and that fact really comes across in the first five pages. There’s a lot of lore here that’ll be just amazing to unfold and discover. The pages revolve around Darrus being captured and brutally interrogated by the Prince, before being sentenced to his life working the dungeon. There’s plenty of intrigue going on here as well that will play a vital part later on in the story (read the pages), and the art is just so spot on with plenty of creative flourishes. It has a distinct Arabian feel in its look, if the sample pages are anything to go by, which I think gives it a unique edge against so many other fantasy Kickstarters.

Putting it all together though, TurnKey by Dedren Snead has a lot of potential to be a great comic full of captivating moments, intriguing twists, and engaging characters. It’s definitely a project you should go and invest in if you’re a fan of fantasy comics or dungeons & dragons. I’ve reviewed a bunch of fantasy Kickstarters now, and TurnKey really does feel like it has something special about it, and it has enough unique qualities to really make it stand apart from the crowd! You can find a link to the project below! Go and give it a look for yourself!


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