Projects you Should Fund – “The Secrets of Willowmyst” by Lisa Moore

Projects you should Fund

Starting off the Monday trawl with a darling little comic called ‘The Secrets of Willowmyst.’ Written, inked and coloured by Lisa Moore with the primary sketching done by Iwan Nasif, it’s a story about friendship that is steeped in mystery, and looks pretty perfect for younger comic-book readers looking to pick up the hobby (or parents hoping they will!) There’s something so wholesome about Secrets of Willowmyst, and with the professional-standard art in accompaniment I can see it heading straight for youthful backers shelves! It has fun characters, an intriguing plot, and vibrant eye-catching colours that’ll leave you transfixed.

The story itself is all about Alex, who believes that she is the last of the faeries and lives in the woods of Willowmyst with her faithful pet companion — a chipmunk called Kai. She has a perfect life, it would appear, spending her days wistfully milling around this forest, but it all changes when she spots another faerie by the name of Tagrin and suddenly she’s thrown into adventure and mystery. On top of that, this story is told under the umbrella of a teacher reciting a fairy-tale to her class, which is really interesting and can help it connect with younger readers a bit easier. I really like the story behind this one because it really feels like something that kids can enjoy; it’s all about friendship, starring interesting characters with decent personalities, and it seems to have a strong moral message which I’ve always appreciated in kid’s literature.

The campaign page gives potential-backers minor insights into the characters, and you learn the most about them through the sample pages that are attached to the campaign. Alex as a character is a fun one to follow through this story, she’s fancy-free and flighty with a fun personality, and has, for all observations, a perfect life. She kind of reminds me of Joy from Pixar’s Inside Out, and it’ll be interesting to see how adventure and mystery suits her in a children’s narrative. Not to mention her plucky but stern sidekick Kai, who is both funny and the perfect crutch for her personality to lean on.

The Kickstarter is trying to raise just over one thousand pounds for a printing run of the first issue (which explains why the cost is so low), and claims on the campaign page that the first issue is actually completely finished. The page is well-put together and there are a myriad of different reward tiers for potential-backers to get interested in, going from digital copies of the first issue all the way up to custom covers just for you!

Putting it all together though, Secrets of Willowmyst looks like a great project to invest in if you have a younger reader, it doesn’t seem to offer much for an older crowd of comic enthusiasts, but looks like a great way to keep kids reading – especially little ones with a fascination for fantasy. It looks like a professional comic book, which is a big part of why I think it’ll be successful, and it has some great themes on friendship (which I’ve heard is magical.) Don’t take my word for it though, go and check it out for yourself at the link provided below!

You can find the project on Kickstarter, but clicking HERE

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