Projects you Should Fund – “Project Hoax” by Samuel George London

Projects you should Fund

Project Hoax by Samuel George London is a project I really want to talk about, but I don’t actually know what I’m going to say. It’s a project that has definitely caught my intrigue, and its single logline ‘Set in 1994, a group of school kids plan to get their own back on the local bully, but get more than they bargained for when they try to stage a monster hoax’ definitely evokes a tremendous amount of interest — there’s a real story to uncover there, and something just so compelling about it. The project itself, in both design and plot, reminds me a little of Lost Boys or Stranger Things; it has that creepy and bizarre feel to it especially when it comes to the art for the project.

Fortunately the campaign page does give potential backers a quick look at the first five pages of the graphic novel, which certainly leaves the reader wanting more! The pages revolve around two of the characters, Charlie and Dev, showing their characteristics well, and a strange noise coming from the inside the woods. Spooky. Beyond this and the tagline though, there isn’t much to gleam story-wise from the Kickstarter campaign. Disappointing to say the least, I would’ve liked to learn more about the story and the project in general. I will say this though, I do love things set in the early-90s (the period of history I grew up in), so I’m hoping to see tonnes of nostalgia and only-90s-kids-remember references throughout the graphic novel! It’s worth investing just for that (you should check out the rewards for this one.)

The characters are what remind me so much of other franchises, like Stranger Things, just in the fact that they are a bunch of kids dealing with a monster (I assume) haunting the town. Sounds familiar? There’s not much known about these characters either, the Kickstarter campaign page only gives little one-liners for each one of them to give a potential read an insight into the kind of personality you can expect to see, but nothing beyond that and sometimes they’re not that revealing either. For example; Charlie clearly seems to be the lead character, and he is the star of the first five page sample, but that’s all we know about him (except for the fact that he loves wearing a windbreaker.)

A lot of attention has clearly been given to the rewards for this project as well, which are fascinating to say the least, and mired in 90s nostalgia. From video game covers to tape cassette USB sticks, this Kickstarter campaign has it all. I wish there had been more of a focus on the actual story parts though in comparison to the rewards, at least more than a single line, and maybe some character profiles like we’ve seen on other campaign projects I’ve reviewed. The project does sound and looks interesting though, and it is certainly using this mystery element to keep it intriguing.

If you enjoy the more mysterious projects, ones that have that bizarre creature-in-the-woods feel to them, then I think you’ll enjoy this campaign and you should definitely check it out. Despite the little information we have, we do know what the main drive is for the plot, and very usually, that’s enough to get potential-backers on board. You can find a link to the Kickstarter page below, go and check it out for yourself, the lowest reward tier is two pounds; it’s certainly worth at least that!


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