Projects you Should Fund – “Impossible Jones” by Karl Kesel

Projects you should Fund

It’s kind of funny how rarely a decent-looking superhero narrative comes my way from the indie scene, my reviews lately have revolved around mostly fantasy-based stuff, so it was a delight to wake up this morning and find Impossible Jones on the list of recently started Kickstarter projects. I love the concept that’s driving this piece of fiction, it’s so simple yet engaging and it really sells the project straight away; what if a bad guy was mistaken for a good guy and just ran with it? AWESOME! It’s not just the premise that’s worth a potential-backers attention though, Impossible Jones features great characters in a traditional-looking superhero world as well, and if you’re a fan of that, you’ll be a fan of this too.

So the story revolves around one character, Impossible Jones, and a seriously major case of mistaken identity. She’s a bad guy –  a thief to be specific, that isn’t above stealing precious baubles from other villains as she goes about trying to take on this superhero look. I can’t wait to see what her foils are as there’s no apparent force of antagonism given on the campaign page, and especially since she appears to be in cahoots with other villains as well — letting them go in return for some high quality valuables. Interesting. That’s all we get for the story from the campaign page, the story will revolve around her trying to appear as a hero for as long as she can. I think it’s a really interesting plot and kinda proves (from the backers that the project already has) that a powerful premise is a must when it comes to funding a graphic novel. People love projects that they can sum up in a sentence, especially ones that sounds as cool as this.

As for characters though, there’s only one we have any real glance at, but it’s clear from the sample pages that this graphic novel will be choc-full of wacky batman-esque villains with themes and gimmicks. Something I love about traditional comic book superhero worlds! Still, if you were only going to focus on one character for a campaign, Karl Kesel certainly picked the right one. Impossible Jones is an interesting character to say the least, described as a mix of Harley Quinn and Plastic-Man by the campaign page and that comes across clearly. She seems like she would be a fun character to follow through a story, but not one to be above learning a lesson or two and growing as a character. Something I’m looking forward to seeing on the page!

The art surrounding the project also screams traditional-looking comic book narratives as well and it really reminds me of the issues of Batman I read in the late-90s/early-2000s, which seems suitable as David Hahn – another creator on the project, has actually illustrated Batman before and it comes across clearly here. The art is nice and crisp with vibrant colours (even in the dark) and wonderful attention to detail. Again, it’s another project I’ve found where the art perfectly matches the style of the writing, in everything from the characters to the world that they are engulfed by. It’s almost too perfect.

Putting it short though, Impossible Jones is a campaign worth investing in if my opinion is worth a few dollars, especially if you’re a fan of interesting new superhero comics that have a fresh take on a stagnant genre that is brimming with awesome stories. Great art, a brilliant premise, and an interesting lead character, this one ticks all the boxes for me and I can’t wait to give it a read! I have absolutely no doubt that this project will be funded, and bloody quickly as well! Get in before it’s too late!

As usual, you can find a link to the campaign below, go and give them a couple of bucks!


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