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Projects you should Fund

Regular readers of will know quite well by now that I’m always interested in comic book projects with intriguing premises. That’s why, when checking out the newest projects on Kickstarter, my eye was instantly drawn to Immortal Era by Edward Davis. It’s set in a world that has been without death for quite some time, and the whole premise revolves around that. Humanity is now immortal and it’s created a dystopian future that is so horrible and gritty that it looks like major fun to explore. This project kind of reminds me of that Torchwood special that came out a few years ago, but taken to the next level, and if you’re a fan of science-fiction or perhaps even horror, you may be interested in this!

Of course, a premise is nothing without a good story to go along with it. Unfortunately much of the story isn’t very clear in this Kickstarter campaign, but what I have gathered is that the whole thing revolves around this classist structure that has come into play over the centuries of people being unable to die, your typical people living on top of those at the bottom. The story also hinges on a character called Father and the utopia he’s trying to build in this shit heap, while also trying to solve the secrets of this accursed life and find answers for what has happened to humanity. The campaign page is completely built on top of the premise, which is unfortunate, because seeing a few of the characters and more of the plot would certainly help potential-backers throw in their support.

The artwork though is stunning and arresting, certainly worth sticking around for, and is a great fit for this kind of story. Cezar Oliveira is to thank for that, his style has this down and dirty feel to it with a realistic edge, and when I was reading through the sample pages available, I couldn’t help but marvel at the attention he’s given to detail – especially when it comes to the landscapes and backgrounds and buildings, he’s really made the setting feel like a real place that could exist and deserves some credit for it. There are a couple of mistakes I did spot in the sample pages though, mostly to do with the lettering, but the art makes a good case at this being a professionally produced project.

Immortal Era is a project built on a really strong premise, one interesting enough to get potential-backers on board, and has some highly professional artwork to accompany it. The only flaw I can see with the project is how little the campaign page lets us in on. It’s a shame we don’t learn more about the main characters that are inhabiting this world, or even what the story is actually about beyond the premise. Will it be toppling this classist structure that has come into place? Or perhaps curing this new immortality that’s destroying everything? In any case though, I’d recommend investing in this project just to get the answers you’re looking for! It still looks great at any rate, and it certainly has a lot of potential, so please, go and check it out for yourself!!!

You can check out the Kickstarter Campaign Page RIGHT HERE

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