First Issue Review – “Morgan’s Organs #1” by Daniel Brodie

First Issue Review

Alright, let’s get one thing straight right out of the gate on this review, this ain’t no kids’ comic book. Morgan’s Organs is an exploration of everyday life inside the body of a man in his early-twenties (I think), a body that desperately needs to get laid. It’s riddled with potty humour, fun characters, and lives in the absurdity of its premise, and if I had to compare it to something it’s like a more mature adult version of Inside Out or Numskulls that is just actively having fun and playing around with that concept. There’s something just so grotesquely satisfying about Morgan’s Organ and that’s what makes it such an entertaining read, from the jokes to the characters and beyond. If you’re a fan of this kind of humour, or media that explores the ‘gotta get laid’ trope then you’ll get a good laugh out of this.

The story is reasonably straight-forward, Morgan is a guy that hasn’t gotten laid in sixty days and it’s starting to have an effect on him (mostly in the form of dreams featuring vagina-faced women.) Beneath it all though, this is actually due to the internal struggles of his own organs. Morgan’s brain (Bran) wants to remain in control of Morgan’s daily life and is constantly at odds with Morgan’s penis (Pepe), who just wants Morgan to let off all this steam. The plot revolves around Bran asserting his dominance over Morgan’s sex life and ordinary life, while Pepe constantly tries to get around him and the other organs are caught in-between the crossfire of their arguments. Mix all of that in with absurdist and fart humour and you’ve got an entertaining read, with a lovely twist at the end which I won’t reveal here.

The story is light but explores its characters in interesting ways, each organ has its own individual personality that’s highlighted by which organ they are (for example; Stomach is always eating and is a bit slow), the characters inside the body are so well-rounded and fleshed out that they actually make the characters outside seem bland and boring in comparison. I really like the idea of Bran though, this controlling brain that wants to run the show and thinks the other organs should just follow him, it seems like his character is ideal for the most growth in the story. And Pepe is just good fun, but clearly selfish and also has a lot to learn about teamwork. On the outside Morgan’s Organs looks like it’ll only be skin deep — just a bunch of one-liners and heard-it-before jokes, but it’s actually a great exploration of character and theme. It’s about how difficult it is to balance all the important aspects in a person’s life (or else you end up with SUPER weird dreams.)

The artwork matches the comic perfectly, and it’s honestly difficult to imagine it any other way. The human characters look grotesque and monstrous most of the time, even when they’re supposed to be attractive, but that really adds to the lewd feel of the comic. While the organs are even more cartoony in comparison — almost to the point that they could be from another world. It’s like Big Mouth in a way, these characters aren’t supposed to be pretty because they’re real people in real situations, just with personalities turned up a notch. Although I will say that Morgan’s Organs can feel a bit blocky sometimes like a newspaper comic strip, and could do with some full page panels and creative flourishes with the panels.

To put it all together though, Morgan’s Organs by Daniel Brodie is a comic that caters for a very specific audience, and if you’re not part of that audience (the kind that enjoys fart and dick jokes) you probably won’t enjoy this comic. If you are though, you’re going to have a great time, and I’d highly recommend adding it to your collection. The first issue feels complete, as in it’s one story that has an ending, but it’s also clear that it does go on into more adventures. Currently it’s attempting to get more adventures funded on Kickstarter (link below), so I’d suggest picking up this issue, giving it a read, and getting the Kickstarter funded!

Here’s a link to the OFFICIAL WEBSITE where you can find previews for the comics!


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