First Issue Review – “Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia” by Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin

First Issue Review

If I had to sum this first issue up in one word I’d use ‘Awesome’, if I could use two words I’d use ‘Really Awesome.’ Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is boat-loaded with action, comedy and intrigue, and for me it takes everything that’s great about wrestling and brings it together in a comic book; particularly the overexaggerated nature of wrestling plots and characters. In short though, the first issue has a great premise and populates its world with relatable characters, so if you’re not a fan of wrestling, you could still very easily get on board with this issue! It’s funny, it’s absurd, and it’s highly entertaining.

Jumping right in, the story is all about “Rock n Roll” Rory Landell; a wrestling superstar who doesn’t like his position as a heel and wants a little bit more from his career. When refused the chance to win the Summer Slam-A-Bration belt (love the name!), he decides to create his own belt instead with a pizza box and declares himself Champion of the Universe, then promptly quits the show. Unknown to him though, his declaration has reached the ears of WRESTLETOPIA — a world of wrestlers, and they don’t like it one bit because there is already a Champion of the Universe! Only problem is they get the message too late, 20 years too late, and Rory Landell is now an overweight wrestler past his prime that no doubt needs to hit the gym again, and get ready for the match of his life.

I can’t argue that the premise isn’t what’s going to open the door for potential readers, but they will certainly stick around for these characters. If for no one else but Rory Landell, a washed up wrestler who’s story is one we’ve heard before, but is highly relatable. A man that deserves a little more and gives up what little he has when he doesn’t get it. He makes for a great protagonist to follow, and although his story feel familiar and trope-ish, the backdrop behind and the plot is what gives his character a fresh impression. That’s not even mentioning the other characters either, like Don, his manager, who’s having problems of his own managing the long-past-prime Rory Landell, and brings a good deal of levity and wisdom to the situations they find themselves in. He’s this story’s version of a Sam Elliot type, and it’s so hard not to hear that voice coming out of him (You’re welcome potential readers!)

To sum it up, Invasion from Wrestletopia has a wonderful premise that can be summed up very easily, and I’m sure that when wrestling aficionados hear about it they’ll want in on the action. It’s another one those great ideas I wish I had first, because it’s fun and wacky and so much larger and awesome than any wrestling show you could watch on TV, but not silly in the least. The characters bring a grounded feel to the whole thing, and yes there are comical moments (one wrestler fights a bear), but it never feels off the wall crazy (at least not in the first issue.) Just decent fun with engaging characters, and that’s why you should go out and buy it. If you’ve never seen wrestling before, and you have no idea where to start with, this might actually be a good place. You don’t have to know everything going into this comic, but, people that do will certainly enjoy it that much more.

Below you can find the information on where to buy the comic, along with the creator’s social media links including the Dan Schkade and Marissa Louisse, the artists who have done an amazing job bring this comic to life with their cartoony/realistic approach with wonderful vibrant colours; they’ve made the style feel straight out of a wrestling match! They’ve done a wonderful job on this and capturing the wrestling spirit!

You can buy the comic right now from Comixology, and find it RIGHT HERE

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia was created by Starburns Industries Press (the production company behind Rick & Morty, HBO’s Animals, and Harmonquest)

Here is a link to their WEBSITE

Below you can find links to the creator’s social media pages!

Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel – Writers – TWITTER / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

Dan Schkade – Artist – TWITTER

Marissa Louisse – Colours – TWITTER

Dave Lanphear – Letters – TWITTER

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