First Issue Review – “Gryffen – Galaxy’s Most Wanted” by Ben Khan

First Issue Review

Another day, another review am I right? Though I’m glad to be spending my time writing up about the first issue of Gryffen by Ben Khan; a really entertaining sci-fi read with great comical beats, unique characters, and an intriguing enigma that stitches it all together tightly. The premise of Gryffen, like so many space operas before it, is built around the idea of toppling a tyrannical government that controls all the cards and does seedy stuff when they think nobody if watching, but it has a real fresh and unseen feel to it which mostly comes from the absurdly belligerent nature of its main character; Gryffen.

The story starts on an aspect of intrigue with Captain Lyla Gryffen standing trial on board a prison ship for crimes the reader is only given subtle insights into. What you know for sure though is that Gryffen disappeared at the edge of the galaxy for six months, and upon her return something had changed her mind about the way she saw the controlling government. The galaxy, you see, is run by a fierce government called the Sovereign Reach — a brutal and tyrant thing that isn’t afraid to be dirty, and the once-star of the Sovereign Reach, Gryffen, returned hating the government and vowing its destruction at her hands. The big question you’re asking throughout the whole first issue is what happened to her, and if she was just as crazy as this before she disappeared?

Gryffen’s characters is both interesting and entertaining to follow through the first issue, she’s a little bit crazy and very outspoken about her beliefs but that only adds to the intrigue of her story. Something HAS happened to her and you’ll continuing reading just to find out what. She’s a character that tells it the way it is, without any shame for what people might think of her. Someone that went a little crazy on the edge of space and certainly acts like it, but she’s funny and a good protagonist for the story to revolve around because she adds a level of fun to the read, so much so, you could almost miss the exciting plot that’s being setup within the first issue.

This issue does a great job in building up its main characters and setting up both the mystery and the overall goal. There’s a very buddy-cop feel to this issue towards the end, between Gryffen and another character called Telika – essentially a red space Elf, and I love it. Telika in comparison to Gryffen is calm and collected, and secretly works for an underground resistance that wants to topple the government, while Gryffen is off-the-wall crazy and determined. They don’t really get on with each other, and it’s that relationship which is going to be so much fun to unravel and explore as the series continues. Can’t wait!

To wrap it all up though, I can see this series going to great places, it has a lot of potential, but for now the first issue is a great read and sets up the series well. The characters feel fleshed out and distinct, especially when it comes to the quirky but realistic art style that gives the first issue a very individual feel, and it’s not afraid to be vulgar or real with them which is very welcome in my comic book collection. If you’re a fan of intriguing plots and fascinating characters that don’t conform to traditional tropes, I think you’ll enjoy this first issue. You should go and pick up a copy, it’s dirt cheap on Comixology!

You can find the link to where to buy it below!


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