First Issue Review – “Black Space Vanguard” by Robert Huitt & Miki Montllo

First Issue Review

When it comes to science-fiction, Black Space Vanguard by Robert Huitt has a great handle on what makes the genre so good (at least for me anyway!) Spaceships, aliens races, other worlds, and of course exploration and discovery – the core to good sci-fi! This first issue is filled with super arresting art, interesting characters full of personality and wit, and an enriching backdrop that would serve any fan of the genre well. The plot is fairly straightforward in the first issue, but it feels like Black Space Vanguard brings something fresh to the scene of sci-fi comics and is certainly worth checking out!

The story is all about finding humanity a second home, an advanced vanguard of scientists and engineers have been sent forth to discover such a world and make it safe for eventual colonists to come over and settle. To this end a small team has been sent down to a possible world, The Black Space Vanguard, to take samples and check out the wildlife and assess any potential problems future colonists might have. It’s a simple and straightforward plot but it has been executed in an interesting way — with some sinister overtones riddling the first issue to hint at future problems, but really it’s the characters that make this comic a worthwhile read.

Embracing the story is this small team of heroes (which includes a samurai robot – just FYI) who all feel well-rounded as characters with no immediate main protagonist stepping forward. They have such an interesting dynamic between each other, their banter is spot on and they have great personalities that bounce off each other perfectly without anyone feeling to force. My one criticism of them would be that they’re a little too friendly with each other, with no roots of conflict, but that could change later. They’re a team right now and clearly have been for a while which is apparent in the way they solve problems together using their combined talents. It’ll be interesting to see, as this comic develops into further issues, if that dynamic does change along the way, but for now it’s all about working together.

The top thing I love about this comic though, above the characters and plot and even the amazing work of Miki Montllo – whose responsible for bring the art to life, is how fun the first issue is to read. It’s funny and charming and exactly the kind of comic you can settle down with to just have a good time with. I had a lot of fun getting lost in this first issue, and I’m sure any fan of this kind of story would have just as much fun as well.

To put it all together, if you’re not already reading Black Space Vanguard I’d highly recommend going out and reading the first issue, chances are you may have found your new favourite. If you’re a fan of science-fiction shows like Star Trek or Firefly you’ll be a big fan of this, although I don’t think it’s fair to compare this first issue to another property because it has a life and feel all its own! Hopefully this is a strong enough endorsement for you to check out this first issue, and if I have won you over, you can find a link below to its Comixology Page.

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